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  1. Phew It's Warm Out There!

    As we enter a good stretch of lovely weather across most of the UK for the foreseeable remember to increase your intake and #DrinkMoreWater! Good hydration is a key to better health and wellbeing. So when life gives you lemons; drink them! Make lemonade and add them to your chilled and filter water for that extra taste boost (as well...
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  2. Anyone for Tennis?

    Well summer has truly arrived and some say is here for a while longer! Now is a perfect time to take a closer look at your personal hydration regime and, if necessary, start increasing your liquid intake accordingly in this heat. Just look at the crowds of spectators enjoying another great Wimbledon competition and you will see that the soaring...
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  3. Boost Exam Performance !

    Boost Exam Performance !
    It's a well known fact that good hydration helps deliver a clearer mind and better concentration, most essential during revision and exam time. Keep chilled and filtered water in a clear bottle and sip regularly to feel refreshed and boost your thinking process. Water from a watercooler or fountains tastes great and quenches thirst as well as your thirst for...
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  4. Sugar Tax Helps Fight Obesity

    Sugar Tax Helps Fight Obesity
    There is a lot of talk about obesity and fighting the rising weight of Britons, particularity by celebrity chefs with the Government in the past week. One such step was imposing the sugar tax on drinks manufacturers for high sugar content. Let's see if it works incentivising beverage providers to re-work their recipes for a start to avoid tax. Also...
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  5. News. Plastic Pact Packs Punch.

    The UK Plastic Pact packs a punch! Its unified, hard hitting mission sets out to ban all single use plastic by 2025! Now this IS powerful. The 40+ strong union comprises all the supermarkets multi-nationals and other big high street names including M&S; also Unilever and Proctor & Gamble. Combined, these firms account for over 80% of the UK's plastic...
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  6. World's Greatest Marathon

    World's Greatest Marathon
    Run like the wind! Good luck to all those heading to London this Sunday's for the world's greatest Marathon. Whatever the weather it's important to be fully hydrated before, during and after. Check out our handy graphic for some hints & tips. We are encouraging runners to fill up their own sports bottles as oppose to buying single use plastic...
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  7. Marathon Hydration Matters

    Marathon Hydration Matters
    Phew it's warm, and isn't it lovely, but please do remember to stay hydrated especially this weekend! Whether you are running in the London Marathon this Sunday for a personal challenge or to raise money for your chosen charity in the local half or Race for Life, hydration and physical activity is a hot topic! No matter how healthy you...
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  8. Plastic Tops Commonwealth Agenda

    Plastic Tops Commonwealth Agenda
    Commonwealth news today. Straws, stirrers, cotton buds & disposable plastics could be banned as Theresa May targets #plasticpollution #hydration #SelfFill #FillYourOwn Provide your staff with a plumbed in #watercooler drinking water #fountain to fill re-useable bottles on the go! Spring deals at www.watercoolersdirect.com #drinkmorewater http://www.itv.com/news/2018-04-19/straws-and-cotton-buds-could-be-banned-as-theresa-may-targets-plastic-pollution/
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  9. Plastic Eating Enzyme

    Plastic Eating Enzyme
    Wow this research from Portsmouth University could be game changing! An enzyme that can break down PET plastic bottles and allow clear bottle plastic to be fully recycled into ... clear bottle plastic! Not only would this help reduce environmental damage, waste and plastic pollution but also mean that much less new plastic using oil needs to be actually manufactured...
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  10. Recycle. Reduce. Refill.

    Recycle. Reduce. Refill.
    Not a day passes without plastic pollution making headline news. While manufacturers research alternative packaging technologies and retailers launch schemes to encourage recycling with deposits or incentivise folk to use their own refillable cups to reduce the harm on our environment, our infographic says it all. Recycle, Reduce, Refill. Stop buying single use bottles and take your own with you...
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