Once the clocks go back, we all know that the freezing weather is just around the corner. The supermarkets start to already advertise their Christmas products, and everyone gears up to embrace the cold during their entrance to work. That’s why we have taken the liberty to inform you of the smartest buys for a water boiler this winter. A high quality water boiler can save you both hassle, and time (not to mention the money-saving potential) meaning the better you buy, the better the perks.

Heatrae Supreme

The Heatrae Supreme is renowned for its ability to serve you with boiling water at the push of a button. This top of the line water boiler boasts a 5 litre capacity keeping the water a perfect temperature between 92 and 96 degrees celsius. Style and fashion is clearly a huge factor with this water boiler. The sleek look would fit perfectly in any staff kitchen or breakout room being able to hang on walls or tucked away in cupboards, leaving you space, and keeping the layout of your kitchen away from the commercial kitchen look.

Marco EcoBoiler

For those that are shopping with a commercial purpose, look no further that the Marco EcoBoiler. This high capacity countertop, 10L EcoBoiler would fit perfectly in a wide variety of catering circumstances. Be it, a hotel conference room, or a school canteen, this instant hot water boiler will deliver with the highest convenience. The strongest part of this water boiler is not only its workhorse capability, but the excellent value for the money it offers. Marco make these products to last, so you can rely on your purchase.

Zip HydroBoil

There are two sides to the water boiler market, the commercial and the home. The commercial water boiler usually has a high capacity but lacks an attractive design for your kitchen, and the home water boiler usually drops points in the capacity or durability category but delivers on a sleek design. You rarely get a product that meets in the middle. However, meet the Zip HydroBoil range. These good looking, plumbed in, wall-mounted, water boilers are perfect for any office and home kitchen. The wall-mounted design allows you to keep all the countertop space but also keeps the boiler close and convenient. To get the most out of your water boiler, regular servicing is key to descale and keep the machine in efficient working order. With a properly working water boiler, the amount of time saved and energy efficiency will be at its peak. If you have any questions relating to the products listed above, or just water boilers in general, please don’t hesitate to get into contact with one of our customer service teams who’d be more than happy to help.