Well summer has truly arrived and some say is here for a while longer! Now is a perfect time to take a closer look at your personal hydration regime and, if necessary, start increasing your liquid intake accordingly in this heat. Just look at the crowds of spectators enjoying another great Wimbledon competition and you will see that the soaring temperatures mean we all have to take hydration really quite seriously. First of all you should really start treating your hydration routine like a habit instead of just a phase. The sooner that you can introduce more liquid refreshment into your daily routine, the better. Many of us simply put off drinking a glass of water because we fail to realise how devastating the effects of dehydration really can be. By keeping your glass or water bottle topped up with frequent visits to the bottled or plumbed water cooler, it makes hydration that much easier. Keep it within arm’s reach and take frequent sips as opposed to large gulps every now and again. Coolers give chilled and filtered water that tastes so much better than the tap and makes drinking more water so much more palatable. If you start to feel a little run down or dazed, take a drink and relax for a few minutes. Water is the best option because you are getting 100% hydration instead of a mouthful of unwanted additives that can have an adverse effect. Make sure your team has easy access to fresh drinking water dispensers in the workplace, and encourage colleagues to fill their own sports bottles to cut buying single use plastic water bottles! Herbal tea is another great way to get water into your system – and a KettleTap makes fast work of this. Evening time is probably the best part of the day to follow this healthy routine. By developing this new habit, you will start to relax a little more whilst ensuring that dehydration is kept at a distance. You can also alter your food diet to include more water-rich options. Whole foods are an excellent source for this and by consuming the likes of yoghurt, fruits, vegetables and pulses; you will boost your hydration levels without really any effort at all. So you don’t have to win Wimbledon to enjoy this summer, just follow these simple tips and we can guarantee that you will feel alert and healthy all through this fabulous hazy, sunny spell! #DrinkMoreWater