KettleTap ProBoil

The new KettleTap ProBoil. A cost effective solution bought to you by KettleTap. The 10L capacity ensures you get instant boiling water in the larger capacity area’s – suitable for a wide range of environments. Easy to maintain with our 3m scale protection and comprehensive service plans.

Scale Management

Limescale can have a devastating affect on the heating elements in drinking water boilers and instant hot taps. We use 3M advanced filters to reduce scale build up, minimise equipment downtime and reduce overall service and running costs and energy bills.

WCD Group provides hydration stations for Gloucester Rugby

We partnered with Gloucester Rugby to help keep their professional rugby team hydrated with chilled, filtered pristine water in the most demanding training environment. Players can easily and quickly refill their bottles with clear, great tasting water before and after the gym and training. In the player’s breakout room, we installed an instant boiling hot tap that makes fast and easy work of the tea round!

Drinking water fountains deliver chilled and filtered water in high capacity areas

We offer various Italian-designed drinking water fountains that are ideal for kitchens, corridors, refreshment and break rooms delivering chilled and filtered water in high volume. Our fountains are perfect for use in gyms, colleges, schools and universities where there is high volume usage, keeping everyone fully hydrated at the touch of a button, and performing at their best in the office, classroom or on the sports field.

Cosmetal Pro-stream Boiling, Chilled & Sparkling

The new Pro-Stream from Cosmetal, a stylish, Italian-designed boiling hot tap that delivers boiling water instantly. You can now make tea, coffee and other hot drinks in a few seconds! The instant boiling hot tap can be customised by adding the cold and/or sparkling water options for all your hydration needs. Boiling the kettle is a distant memory!

InSinkErator 3N1 Boiling Hot Tap

It’s easy as 1-2-3 to fall in love with InSinkErator’s contemporary 3N1 instant boiling hot tap. Hot water, fresh cold water and up to 98°C steaming hot water in a single, sleek appliance that will streamline your worktop. You’ll love the practicality, and the contemporary Italian design, keeping staff hydrated with hot and cold and making savings in time and energy use.

Zip HydroTap G4

Hydrate your team and add style to your kitchen and breakout rooms with Zip’s incredible HydroTap G4 range. Providing a rare combination of filtered boiling, chilled and even sparkling water at the touch of a button, once you’ve used it you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Drink-making and snack preparation becomes simple and efficient with the tap that has been made with convenience, design and health in mind. Boasting innovative energy saving technology not seen on other boiling water taps, the HydroTap G4 also features the world’s most advanced filtration system, ensuring your water is as pure-tasting and enjoyable as possible.

Hot water boilers

With a drinking water boiler you can make fast and easy work of the tea round!

No waiting for the kettle to boil, wasting or refilling water. Just heat what you use.

Hot water for all your office drinking needs, continuously. We offer the widest range of water boilers in different styles and capacities. Delivering boiling water for hot drinks, instant snacks and porridge pots.


Phil Vickery Talks Hot Taps!

Phil Vickery MBE, Rugby World Cup and Celebrity MasterChef winner, has joined forces with to promote the hottest kitchen must-have – the Aquatap. It’s all about the instant office boiling (and chilled) tap and the demise of the slow traditional kettle – the faster, safer way to making hot drinks in the office.