We have the best in class range of domestic water coolers, hot and cold instant taps, top grade filters and under sink chillers for every home and kitchen.

We highly recommend the following drinking water products:

  • Plumbed In Coolers
  • Drinking Water Fountains
  • Cold & Hot Taps
  • Drinking Water Boilers
  • Wall Mounted Sink with Bubbler Tap

We have been providing water coolers for the home throughout the UK for over 10 years - from traditional bottled water coolers and kitchen water coolers to domestic water filters that fit neatly under your kitchen sink, to our best-selling stylish and convenient, plumbed in and mains fed water coolers that look great in any kitchen. With your own cooler or tap and filter, bad tasting drinking water is a thing of the past!

Our stylish cold & ambient domestic drinking water taps add design flair to any kitchen scheme. Helping us all to drink more water and stay hydrated for health and wellbeing benefits, helping yourself to a glass of chilled and filter water could not be simpler or more affordable, compared to buying water (and carrying it) from the local supermarket.