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Clean water is healthy water. To keep your water boiler or water dispenser in tip top condition it requires a little bit of regular TLC.

Sanitisaton is the cleaning and sterilisation of the key parts of a water boiler, especially the tap mechanism. Water dispensed from a properly maintained boiler should be the same quality as the water before it enters the dispenser.

Wipes and foam sprays remove biofilm and other bacterial matter.

Not forgetting the drip tray which harbours bacteria and stagnant water that can be harmful and affect the smell and taste of your drink.

Regular sanitisation increases the lifespan of your water dispenser for optimum operation, energy efficiency and boiling performance. There’s more to this than meets the eye. With our water boiler care packages we can make light work of this important task so you don’t have to worry.

All our maintenance operations are carried out by our team of highly qualified service engineers to certified levels and best practice. We have a network of skilled engineers that operate a nationwide service and carry spare parts for all the water dispensers that we sell.

Scheduled maintenance visits are planned by our helpful Customer Operations team to suit your company open times and access, to ensure minimum downtime and restore your equipment back to full working order within hours!