Phew it's warm, and isn't it lovely, but please do remember to stay hydrated especially this weekend! Whether you are running in the London Marathon this Sunday for a personal challenge or to raise money for your chosen charity in the local half or Race for Life, hydration and physical activity is a hot topic! No matter how healthy you are or whatever your age, staying nicely hydrated is key to feeling and looking great. But if you are an athlete or simply enjoy more than the typical amount of daily exercise, it is even more vital to increase your daily water intake as laid out by the experts. Here are some facts that will help keep you healthy and could also lift you when you are slightly down in energy and motivation. Do not wait until thirst kicks in! In terms of maintaining a healthy fluid balance in your body, the urinary tract has to be right at the top. In order to keep this system working properly, we must stay hydrated throughout the day. Once dehydration starts to kick in, something called the hypothalamus detects this change and begins to release a hormone known as vasopressin. This triggers our thirst and tells our kidneys to start conserving water. Although this incredible set of actions will help our bodies to deal with dehydration, if we continue to remain in this state, we risk an infection to our urinary tract that can cause kidney stones and further health issues! Although we get a real thirst on when dehydration starts to rear its ugly head, we should not rely on this reminder every time. It is far better to plan our drinking habits throughout the day because thirst alone is not reliable enough to stave off the dreaded ‘D’ word. Here are a few ways that thirst develops:
  • Water moves away from less salty intracellular fluid and starts diluting the extracellular fluid
  • If drinking water happens to rebalances the sodium concentrations in our systems
  • Basic sweating or taking salty foods on boards, this will increase the sodium content in our bodies
So instead of waiting for thirst to start kicking in, best advice is to avoid it altogether and stay hydrated. By ensuring that you have easy access to cool or chilled, and hot drinking water at all times, you will lessen the chances of dehydration greatly. Here are a few proven tips that the professionals stick to, also known as the 4 R’s:
  • Rehydrate using electrolytes and fluids
  • Replenish with carbohydrates
  • Reinforce your immune system with the help of nutrition heavy foods
  • Regenerate your muscles with a healthy intake of protein foods
Take a look into installing a chilled water cooler or a multi-function KettleTap that gives you chilled as well boiling water in your home and workplace with a very positive effect on your health and time, ensuring you stay on top of your water intake.