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  1. Is Black Friday More Like Black FiveDay ?

    Is Black Friday More Like Black FiveDay ?
    It’s started! Today a very attractive Black Friday 50% off offer for a country hotel bed & breakfast from now til Christmas landed in my inbox. As this event has grown in prominence and online shopping has made searching for a special deal so easy, many more shops and indeed businesses launch ‘deals’ well ahead of the big day. In...
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  2. Sweet As ...

    Sweet As ...
    Did you know it's Sugar Awareness Week - as well as National Sausage Week! Here's the WCD Group's weekly infographic with some super scary stats on the sweet stuff contained in our popular fizzy drinks! Have a great fireworks weekend just watch the sugar intake and make some healthy food and drink swaps elsewhere so that you can still enjoy...
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  3. Halloween Hydration

    Halloween Hydration
    Happy Halloween (next Tuesday officially) but we expect many of you will be trick and treating this weekend! It's a time for chocolate, sticky sweets, toffee apples and social celebrations. Just remember to balance alcohol and ultra sugary drinks with a drop of the good stuff (water!) for good health and to avoid dehydration! Or try our spooky recipes in...
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  4. London's Clean Air Ads on the Tube

    London's Clean Air Ads on the Tube
    Today the Evening Standard reported on a brand new hard-hitting poster campaign highlighting the health risks posed by London's dangerous air pollution levels that is to go on display across the Tube network, starting next month. The posters feature high-impact images of everyday objects covered in black soot and will be displayed across the capital's train and London Underground stations...
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  5. We Drink 70 Million a Day!

    We Drink 70 Million a Day!
    Our love of coffee just keeps on growing! In the UK we drink 70 millions cups a day! According to recent research, a staggering three coffee shops open each day in the UK! The coffee shop industry pours a staggering £8.9 billion into the UK economy and it is forecast that the number of coffee shops will overtake pubs by...
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  6. Keep An Eye Out!

    Keep An Eye Out!
    Did you know that this week is National Eye Health Week, and its mission is to educate people about the importance of eye health and help prevent avoidable sight loss. Also did you know that one in five people will live with sight loss in their lifetime? Having an eye test can be the first step to saving your sight...
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  7. In Hot Water!

    In Hot Water!
    I recently gave an interview to Cooler Plus, part of the FoodBev Media team, on a hot topic, literally! Just wanted to share. 1) WaterCoolersDirect has been active in the cooler industry for 13 years. What have been the biggest changes you have seen in the industry in that time? When we started the cooler business we set ourselves apart...
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  8. New Habits in Class

    New Habits in Class
    The UK has one of the highest rates of childhood obesity in Europe. Fact. As the kids head back to school and college there is a lot of focus in the media on what the British youth are eating with a huge emphasis placed on the importance of a healthy, nutritious diet and cutting out those nasty sugars, high salt...
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  9. New Kids on the Block

    New Kids on the Block
    As summer nears its end, routines are re-established as we head 'back to school'; and navigate the heavier morning traffic! It's also back to prepping appealing and healthy packed lunches and avoiding high sugar drinks. Hydration is key for children and students to facilitate better concentration and learning. We like fruit infused chilled and filtered water the best! How do...
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  10. Here's to a Great Bank Holiday!

    Here's to a Great Bank Holiday!
    We are looking forward to the long bank holiday weekend with BBQs and Beer Festivals happening up and down the land. Please do have a great time but remember to stay hydrated when enjoying your favourite real ale, fruity cider, or craft gin & tonic! The weather is looking not too bad and a bit warmer, so remember to drink...
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