Today the Evening Standard reported on a brand new hard-hitting poster campaign highlighting the health risks posed by London's dangerous air pollution levels that is to go on display across the Tube network, starting next month. The posters feature high-impact images of everyday objects covered in black soot and will be displayed across the capital's train and London Underground stations. The campaign is being launched by London Mayor Sadiq Khan who is championing the cause to clean up the city's air quality. One of the posters shows a baby’s bottle with the teat coated in black dust with the slogan: “If you could see London’s air, you’d want to clean it too.” While we all have real concerns in business with regard to air pollution, emissons and the cars we drive, we are just as concerned about air quality inside our work places and homes and the negative affects on our health. We know the real benefits that can be gained from having cleaner air in our dwellings. Sophia from Cheltenham is a long-term sufferer of Lyme Disease and recently installed an Air Purifier to help with her immune system challenges. Here is what she said when asked how the purifier is helping.
"I have a chronic illness which means that I spend most of my time at home with my pet dachshund. One of the symptoms of my illness is sensitivity to house dust mites, grass pollen, pet dander and mould. Any of these allergens can make me sneeze and cough and feel more unwell, putting stress on my immune system.
“I have a Winix P150 Smart Air Purifier in my bedroom to keep the air as clear as possible. It definitely reacts when it detects chemicals or pet hair by increasing the flow of pure air into the room. The green and red lights on the visual display show you the level of air quality in the room, which is really helpful - it’s surprising how much it can vary.
“The unit itself is easy to move around and the automatic night setting makes it quiet when I’m sleeping and it doesn’t disturb me. This is important for me as I suffer from insomnia! It’s a nice feeling that the air you are breathing in is pure and safe."
Thanks Sophia and we hope you continue to improve and feel better. It is known that air purifiers are helpful if dust mites, pollen, and pet hair agitate your allergies. These often-airborne irritants can be filtered out by a purifier, leaving you with cleaner air to breathe. Air purifiers using HEPA filters capture 99.97% of all particles down to 0.3 microns, including dust, mould spores, smoke particles, pet hair – and pollen! Make your air cleaner – inside and out! Ps – you can read the full article on the new London Tube campaign here.