Maintaining a busy kitchen is not always an easy task. With so many things to do at once, caterers often appreciate some help. For many of them, this comes in the form of a ZIP water heater or a Heatrae Sadia Aqua Tap. Fast, efficient and high quality, the water boilers available on Water Boilers Direct are there to facilitate everyday tasks by dispensing clean boiling water and by ensuring the overall safety of a kitchen.

Why Buy a Water Boiler?

There are many benefits of buying a water boiler directly from Water Boilers Direct. The most common reason is without a doubt the amount of time people save in the long run. When cooking, the process of boiling water can be a hindrance – especially when a large quantity of water needs to be boiled at once. With a ZIP water heater, this hindrance completely disappears. Another benefit that comes with the purchase of a water boiler is the safety it provides to the users. With a water heater, the worry of scalding, damaging surfaces and electrical points also disappear.

Water boilers are not only useful because they save time – they also save energy and water. A recent study has found that the average British person boils their kettle five times or more in a day and that three quarters of households overfill their kettles. The accumulated amount of money wasted because of that equals to a shocking £68million a year. Owning a water boiler is the perfect solution to this problem. Water boilers also provide clean, filtered water free of the contaminants that can found in British tap water. And since some ZIP water heaters and Heatrae Sadia heaters are also able to dispense chilled water, families that continually stock up on water bottles save an incredible amount of money in the long run.

Types of Water Heaters

Depending on a person’s budget and what they are looking for, there is a wide array of different water boilers. The Zip Hydro Tap is one of the many models available on the website and is able to dispense both boiling and chilled filtered water. The price of the Zip Hydro Tap starts from £1,470. Sleek and simple to use, the  Zip Hydro Tap  has become a favourite among customers. A less expensive version of a classic water boiler comes in the form of the Zip HydroBoil. Starting from only £594, this appliance is able to deliver 9 cups of boiling water at a time for a total of a 100 per hour. It is perfect for tea, coffee and cooking.  The  Heatrae Sadia Aqua Tap  starts from £879 and allows you to enjoy the instant supply of water for hot drinks and refreshing chilled water! Making it ideal for areas where high usage is required.

The many benefits of owning a water boiler are absolutely priceless. On top of providing a certain sense of safety, it also helps save time, money and eventually energy. Call our team at Water Boilers Direct to discuss your requirements further.