Water is one of the most powerful forces in the world, and it can be used for virtually anything. If you are planning a major catering event this holiday season, you should consider having water boilers on hand. Doing so will make it easier to prepare food and beverages, improve the efficiency of your kitchen, and give you more time to socialise and entertain your guests. Just a few of the possible applications of a good boiler are presented below. Beating the Cold Weather Wintertime is a great time for social gatherings, but these can also be a major inconvenience due to the weather you have to deal with. Cold weather means cold pipes, which means you have to leave your water running for longer if you need hot water for cooking, tea, or any other purpose. The problem gets even worse if you happen to live in an older home, since the odds of having well-insulated pipes in that situation are not very high. Among the different boiler products available to help you around this problem is a hot tap. This product heats water instantly no matter what the circumstances. This eliminates the need for kettles and burners and gives you hot water almost immediately. Saving on Space Several water boilers are designed to give you the ability to move boiling water safely around the catering area or to keep your hot water in an easily accessible area. For example, countertop eco-boilers allow you to place a small boiler directly on to a countertop which can be accessed by multiple people with ease. This eliminates the stress of dealing with things like kettles and hot burners. Optionally, you can save some counter space by purchasing a wall-mounted boiler . These are stainless steel boilers, meaning that they stand less chance of becoming damaged. Whether you choose a countertop or a wall-mounted boiler, you will be able to save valuable space in your catering area. Cleanliness and Convenience As classic as kettles and other water boiling tools are when it comes to serving tea, coffee, or other essential beverages, these can still make quite a mess if you aren't careful. The use of kettles and cups increases the chance of spills, burns, and stains. Using a wall-mounted or countertop boiler keeps the water in one particular place at all times and makes it easier to dispense that water into cups and bowls as needed. Because there is less to move and less for people to be concerned about while using a boiler, there is less of a chance of something going wrong. The water also gets delivered more quickly, so somebody can grab a quick spot of tea before heading back to the party with minimal interruption. There are also boilers that don't require mains feed making them highly suitable for remote and event style catering Water boilers are extremely useful for any sort of catering arrangement. Clean, simple, and efficient, they can free up valuable time and space that will enable you to do more with your catering endeavour, no matter what you have planned. To view our range of water boilers please click here .