Solutions for Limited Space

The Marco Countertop Ecoboiler

For establishments where room is limited and there is no room for waste, such as smaller offices, The  Marco Countertop Ecoboiler  is ideal. This compact product is available in 5 litre or 10 litre capacities allowing you to select a product that caters directly for your needs, whether it be boiling water for tea, coffee or cooking. Combining style with practicality, these products are energy efficient, whilst allowing you to save money without having to compromise on quality.

The Marco Wall Mounted Ecoboiler

For small to large office applications and kitchens with limited space, the Marco Wall Mounted Ecoboiler offers the perfect solution. Similar to the Countertop Ecoboiler, this product is of high quality and is energy efficient.  This wall mounted product is plumbed into the mains supply and is capable of providing boiling water instantly, ideal for tea, coffee and cooking. The Marco Wall Mounted Ecoboiler is available in 3 litre or 5 litre capacities.

Solutions for Small to Medium Establishments

The InSinkErator Hot Tap

This range of hot taps provides steaming hot and chilled, filtered water on demand. The InSinkErator is the perfect solution for small office or domestic establishments as it can save time wasted at the kettle and will encourage staff to keep hydrated. The tap is finished in a stylish design and will sit on the sink as any standard tap does, discreetly hidden below is a 60 cup capacity hot water tank. This range of products is convenient and safe to use due to the latest technology, such as OptiPush™ and StayOn™.

The InSinkErator is available in a range of options; The InSinkErator Modern (Hot Filtered Water Only), The InSinkErator Modern (Hot & Cold Filtered Water), The InSinkErator Contemporary (Hot Filtered Water Only) and The InSinkErator Contemporary (Hot Filtered Water Only ) .

For Busy Establishments

Heatrae Sadia AquaTap

These top of the range products are connected directly to your mains water supply, delivering you instant boiling and refreshing chilled water. These products are ideal for busy establishments as they eliminate time wasted on tasks such as waiting for the kettle to boil and will create space in the fridge as bottled water will no longer be needed.

The  Heatrae Sadia AquaTap  may be mounted anywhere on a counter top, the main body of the system fits discreetly under the counter top, maximising counter space. This tap is able to dispense up to 80 cups of chilled or boiling water instantly, as it contains a safety switch and over-boil protection you can enjoy incident free boiling water. The Intelliboil™Plus feature monitors water use and reduces temperature according to your needs; this is an effective method of saving electricity.

Zip HydroTap

The Zip HydroTap ,  as   featured on   Grand Designs and Property Ladder, is able to dispense freshly filtered, chilled and boiling water at an impressive flow rate that is able to reach the needs of an establishment of all sizes or a busy home. The  Zip HydroTap  is perfect for great tasting tea and coffee, made instantly without the need to use a kettle. This tap is able to dispense an impressive 160 cups of boiling water and 125 glasses of chilled water per hour, offering you a cost effective, environmentally friendly hydration solution.