At WaterBoilersDirect we understand that sometimes it can be daunting when looking at buying a new water boiler or instant hot tap for your home or business. With the hot water industry expanding at every turn and new products appearing on the market it's difficult to know what product suits you and your home or office best. That's why we asked our hot hydration expert Lee Pickup to tell us a little more about some of the top hot drinking water products currently on the market. Marco Countertop Boiler This water boiler ranges in size from 10l to 30l, is plugged directly into your mains and has an automatic fill and tap dispense function giving you unlimited hot water straight from your countertop! Price Ranges from £399 - £549 Best For The Marco boiler is perfect for all catering requirements including hotels and office kitchens. InSinkErator Hot Tap InSinkErator's hot tap provides you with instant filtered 98˚C hot water from a single handle lever. This compact and contemporary designed hot tap helps reduce unpleasant tastes, chemicals and odours giving you fresh filtered water. Price £425 Best For The InSinkErator hot tap is perfect for use in homes making it one of the most stylish and modern kitchen must haves. Heatrae Sadia Supreme This wall mounted electric water boiler from Heatrae Sadia is plumbed directly into your mains and provides you with instant boiling water with no waiting time. The supreme comes in various sizes from 2.5l to 40l. Price Ranges from £733 - £1,826 Best For Heatrae Sadia Supreme 2.5L is perfect for the use in a home or small office and the 40l is ideal for high traffic areas such as restaurants and hotels.     Zip All in One Hydrotap The Zip all in one hydrotap is one of the world's latest kitchen sensations. This hot tap can provide you with boiling, chilled, hot or cold water at the touch of a button - it's plumbed directly into your mains allowing automatic filling. Price £2,200 Best For; This sleek and modern designed hot tap is perfect to suit any kitchen including both domestic and office use. For more information on our range of water boilers and hot taps please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team on 0808 231 4247 or send us an email on