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  1. Sugar Free Feb!

    Sugar Free Feb!
    Bye bye Dry January! Hello to Sugar Free February! Try cutting out refined sugars in your food and drinks, combined with reduced portion sizes and regular exercise. Eat and drink your way to a healthier you! There are plenty of great recipes out there in the masse of sugar free books and online blogs to help you cook and enjoy...
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  2. Cold Water Burns More Calories

    Wow didn't know that? The so-called water diet is not actually a foodie diet but it stipulates that water must be cold when you drink it. The body burns extra calories heating up ice-cold water to the normal body temperature of 98.6 degrees. So the colder the water the more calories burned! Invest in a water cooler or drinking water...
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  3. Boost Productivity in the Workplace

    Boost Productivity in the Workplace
    Staying fully hydrated and drinking the right amount of water each day can have a huge impact on improving your health and well-being. And your productivity!  A recent study showed that drinking water (hot with lemon, or cold) can result in a 14% increase in productivity, and yet most of us still aren’t drinking as much as we should do...
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  4. Tackling Exercise, with Water!

    Tackling Exercise, with Water!
    Post Christmas and New Year, gym memberships take a peak and what better way to feel healthier and improve your wellbeing than starting or indeed increasing your exercise regime; on your own with a friend or as part of a sports team. It’s not only good for us but a great stress buster and whose mind isn’t boggling this week...
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  5. Water-licious !

    Water-licious !
    Still doing Dry January? Watching what you eat and drink in between the new exercise regime? Hydration is vital. Week three gets a bit harder so here are some rather delicious ways to make drinking more water for heath and hydration that bit easier and tastier! We love the fruit infuition bottles! Add a variety of fruit to chilled and...
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  6. Who Needs a Kettle?

    Who Needs a Kettle?
    KettleTaps Are Taking Over In The Kitchen   Transforming the Habits of a Generation The British tradition of putting the kettle on is slowly becoming a habit of the past, replaced instead by the impressive kitchen gadget that is taking hold of both the commercial and residential appliance market! On trend, this advanced technology transforms the kitchen into a place...
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  7. The Hot Water Diet.

    The Hot Water Diet.
    The Facts on Why This Diet is Getting Great Reviews! If you are thinking of trying a new diet to lose weight or simply feel like taking a healthier lifestyle route for a change, why not look into the hot water diet that’s currently getting some rave reviews? As well as being pretty cost effective, this diet has some interesting...
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  8. Drink More ... Water !

    Drink More ... Water !
    Whatever your health regime, we all know that drinking more water is good for you -- at home, at work and in and around taking exercise. Here's a little reminder as to why a drop of the good stuff is well ... good for you! And if you like techy widgets download our free hydration app on your smart device...
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  9. Start Your Resolution to Refill !

    Start Your Resolution to Refill !
    Firstly Happy New Year to all of our customers, partners, colleagues and friends from all at the WCD Group! Now that the New Year has begun so, too, do all of the diets, healthy eating promises and exercise regimes. Why not try drinking water throughout the day to help your detox and start a New Year’s resolution to refill your...
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  10. Santa, All I Want for Christmas is a Kettletap!

    Santa, All I Want for Christmas is a Kettletap!
    Treat yourself to a steaming hot tap this Christmas. It gives you instant boiling water on tap, without waiting for the kettle to boil and re-boil. Make fast work of making coffee and tea for all your family and friends when they visit this holiday. And just as useful for the tea round for work colleagues in the office. Great...
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